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I was born in 1952 in Haan bei Düsseldof, Germany where I got myWirtschaftsabitur (High School Certificate for Commerce). I then went to Bochum University and got my Diploma inBetriebswirtschaft EDV (Diploma in Business Studies).

Initially, I worked in an office for tax consultancy, and I then worked for several years as a computer programmer, progressing to become project leader and group leader at major German insurance companies.

I lived in California for about 6 months and also in Rome for a similar time period, where I studied the Italian language.

In 1983, I grounded my own small company as a consultant for computer projects in the business and industrial sector. Among other things, I train managers in computer usage.

I married Cephas Bansah in 1988 in Ludwigshafen and moved back to Haan in 1993.

To the great surprise of myself and my husband, 4 years after our marriage he was elected in 1992 to be King of the Hohoe people in the GBI Traditional Area. Of course we were delighted by this honor, but it also involves a lot of work and personal expense.

Two years after my husband was crowned, I was elected to be Queen Mother of the Hohoe people in the GBI Traditional Area (ca. 206,000 people of the Ewe tribe). This is a lifetime appointment. My official crowning ceremony was accompanied by a big celebration in Hohoe with about 3,000 guests. My official name is Mama Nyuiemedi Ngoryisi Bansah.

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I travel to Ghana as often as possible to attend to official business and to tend to the development projects which I am working on in theVolta Region. I am also involved in plenty of work in Germany too, such as fund-raising and other activities to find new sponsors for our projects.

In my duties as a queen one main responsibility that I have been assigned is local development. Each time I visit Ghana, in addition to official appointments I meet committes from a wide range of local self-help groups, and I give them advice and I try to provide them with equipment that they need. This may be a water pump or a sewing machine, for example, or agricultural machines. I also encourage good relations between the kings and queens of the area, so that we can work together efficiently in a way that is the most benefit to our people.

Please contact me if you would like to sponsor one of our projects, if you are interested in business or trade opportunities in Ghana or if you are interested in my professional work in Germany as a business consultant.

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