Hohoe/Ghana Sponsors Association

The Hohoe/Ghana Sponsors Association (Fördereverein Hohoe/Ghana e.V.) is a registered charity in Germany. The Sponsors Association has provided funds and organizational skills and also a large number of tools and materials for the vocational school and workshops in Hohoe.

For further information on the Hohoe/Ghana Sponsors Association, please contact:

Peter Thalhofer
Buehlgasse 4
73529 Schwaebisch Gmuend

tel + fax: +49 (7171) 81606

The Sponsors Association is particularly interested in talking to potential new sponsors and/or donors for the vocational school project, the kindergarten and for other projects. Donations should be sent to the bank account of the Hohoe/Ghana Sponsors Association:

Volksbank Schwaebisch Gmuend
Ledergasse 27, 73525 Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
BLZ (Bank sort code) 61390140
Bank account: 135788404 Account holder: Foerderverein Hohoe/Ghana

Please specify which project you want to support and also whether you need an official receipt from a registered charity for tax purposes.

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