Volta Region Development Projects - Sponsors

We would like to thank the following persons and organizations in Germany for their moral and material assistance with our development projects in the Volta Region of Ghana:

Hohoe/Ghana Sponsors Association - a registered charity in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany) - provided funds, tools, materials and organizational skills for the vocational school in Hohoe

BASF (Ludwigshafen) donated a large number of bicycles (more than 350).

Daimler-Benz (Mannheim) donated hydraulic lifting platforms for vehicles.

Johanniter Ludwigshafen (Ludwigshafen) donated three ambulances.

Spedition Messerbrink & Anane Otterstadt (Ludwigshafen) donated the transport of the equipment from Germany.

Hanauer Hospital (Hanau) donated a large number of hospital beds and gynacological chairs.

Mr. Kalivoda (Maxdorf) donated a large number of water supply pumps and organized and financed their transport and installation.

Family Marianne Warnke (Visselhövede) organized donations in conjunction with the Red Cross for building a new bridge over the River Dayi.

Karsten Micke organized and Family Ladwig (Lübbecke-Blasheim) and Family Micke (Espelkamp) financed the donation of a large number of disposable hypodermic syringes to the District Hospital of Hohoe.

Family Ladwig (Lübbecke-Blasheim) and Family Micke(Espelkamp) organized a "DM 1.50" party for the population of Espelkamp which lasted two days with the aim of making the GBI Traditional Area known. Because all of the people worked as unpaid volunteers, the organizers were able to donate a total of DM 3,000 for the support of social institutions in the GBI Traditional Area.

Family Lawrence (Wagenfeld) donated an entire English Library to the people of the GBI Traditional Area.

A large number of used spectacles were presented by the opticians Hohn (Rahden) and Bantlitz (Ludwigshafen) to inhabitants of the Hohoe district.

Christina Skobel-Albertini (Bochum) organized the donation of 4 PC computers for the computer school by the students of Bochum University.

Queen Gabriele Bansah (Haan by Düsseldorf) donated 6 PC computers and school furniture for the computer school entirely from her own private funds.

Queen Gabriele Bansah (Haan by Düsseldorf) financed the kindergarten (child day care center) in Hohoe from her own private funds.

David Long (Hannover) designed and wrote the Ghana Volta Region world wide web pages and arranged for the sponsorship of the web site. David Long is also helping to set up an email system in the Volta Region, which we need to be able to manage the various local projects more effectively without the expense of international phone calls to Europe and the US

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