Scientific activities and achievements


Investigations in developing information technologies and improving solution of the problems in Classical and Applied Mathematics and Mechanics are carried out.

Elaboration of new information technologies in the direction of creation of local systems and their software, instrumental systems of programming and special systems for training is oriented on the concrete tasks.

The University has been involved in INTERNET, that gives the opportunity of entering into the world cyberspace.

The investigation of linear and non-linear tasks in Heterogeneous Mechanical Constructions, connected with problems of the tense conditions, stability and fluctuation under the static, dynamic and combined loads are conducted on the basis of modern computer technologies.

Vital problems of Biomechanics and Analysis of Disaster situation, effective analytical-numerical methods of the investigation of differential equations with variable coefficients and their system are worked out.

Our Methods of calculation of stability and reliability in the composite constructions have been adopted in transformer and aircraft construction

Mathematical and calculating investigations of the foundation and road layers are carried out.

The Methods and Programme complexes, that are used in construction of chemical shops, nuclear power stations have been created.

Moreover, special programmes for cutting out materials have been used successfully in the production of transformers, automobile parts, radio parts as well as clothing and footwear industries. These complex programmes are implemented in Mechanical Engineering.

The systems of banking and their automation are being elaborated now.

The majority of physical and biological works are dedicated to investigations of new materials, substances and to creation of new technologies, for example, one of the scientific themes at the Faculty of Biology is "Creation of new preparations on the basis of biologically active substances of synthetic and vegetable origin".

Faculty of Biology conducts intense investigations of environment.

The impact of the pollution on the reproduction of plants and ability to correct the critical stages of their growth are being investigated.

Our scientists have worked out the methods for Me determination in the cells. These highly sensitive methods benefit to the prevention of some kinds of diseases in unfavourable living conditions.

A new direction of immunocitogenetics has been worked out by our biologists. Its results are being used for investigations of the immune system of human beings.

The Model of historical development of Ukraine with the consideration of European Governments experience is being developed.

Nowadays the works on investigation and manufacture of high power steady magnets (supermagnets) on the basis of the amorphouscrystalline alloys FeNeB are carried out. University is one of the largest centres in Ukraine on the creation of a new technology of steady magnet manufacture with the use of domestic raw materials.

Problems of the structure that is formed on the basis of transition metals and its properties under the influence of laser and thermodynamic treatment are explored.

The investigations connected with physics of surface as one of the problems of microelectronics and nonelectronics are made.

Our scientists/physicists have worked out several new equipment facilities for industrial enterprises and everyday needs. They are controller of the water quality, gas analyser, water and gas meters.

Sport is important for students. Over the past 13 years the University has honoured 6 champions of World Universiads, 3 Olympic champions, 11 world champions in different kinds of sports. There is a volleyball team of the Super League and a mini football team, that has been the third prize-winner in the Super League of Ukraine this year


Laboratory of electronic microscopy

physics1Training of specialists and scientific investigations have been carried out in special laboratories:

Study methodological laboratory for computers, laboratory of methods in computer teaching, scientific-methodological laboratory of modern technologies, laboratories of electronic microscopy, Xray structure and spectrum analysis, physical and chemical analytical methods in Biology, Agriculture and Hunting, physical rehabilitation of human beings, new pedagogical technologies, psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation and others. The capacities of Computer Graphics Laboratory give the possibility to provide the scientific and educational processes with necessary editions.

studinf1The archaeological laboratory annually takes part in the International. expeditions in the Crimea in the frames of the Agreement between our University and Macalester College, USA.

Scientists of the Laboratory of Renaissance Studies manage the translation and research in the socio-linguistics, create the Ukrainian data bank on this theme.

The University has equipment for the surface investigations and analysis of Atomic and Nuclear conditions.

Computer class


Zaporozhye University has advanced international connections with scientists and academics from around the world

hist1Our historians are currently working with archaeologists from Macalester College (USA) on the Black Sea Project.

Social work students and faculty co-operate with social services division of Oberhausen in Germany and in the international program, Youth for Europe

Historians at work in the Crimea

roge1The German and French language faculties have worked on the TEMPUS programme (1995/1998).

Our biologists have business contacts with the scientists of Universities of HalleWittenberg and Magdeburg in Germany, besides they are involved in the Wetlands International program.

Lingaphone class installed within the TEMPUS program

sociol1Our psychologists have contacts with psychological services in hospitals of Canada. International co-operation also includes Universities in Russia, USA, Great Britain, Poland, Austria and France.
Fruitful co-operation with colleagues from other countries plus good experience of training and joint publications has made it possible for us to introduce specialities that are completely new for a Ukrainian University

Cancer Centre in Canada

Future plans for the University involve participation in exchange programmes with the European Union, including TempusTacis, IncoCopemicus, INTAS and Socrates. We want to make sure that our educational system conforms with and is equal to those of the West.

See also Office for International Relations.

Zaporozhye University welcomes interested companies for co-operation

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