Faculty of Biology - Chair of Hunting and Ichthyology


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Zaporozhye State University, ul. Gogolja  62, Bldg. 3, 330600 Zaporozhye
Office tel: 00380-612-643228 fax: 644546

Head of the chair:
Doz. Dr. sc. nat. Valery Ivanovitsch Domnich, tel: 643228.

Project Leaders:
Hunting:  Assistant Professor Vladimir Jefimovitsch Vovchenko, tel. 644213
Ichthyology and Fishing: Inna Domnich

Scientific and practical game management activities.

The Biological Faculty of Zaporozhye State University is situated in the centre of Zaporozhye City where once the famous cossacks lived. In a 2000 sq.m. two-storeyed building, the Chair of Hunting and Ichthyology takes up 600 sq.m. and has its own hunting museum. The Chair's staff include three Doctors, one Assistant Professor and five teachers. 21 special special courses are offered within the specialization of hunting and ichthyology besides general biology subjects. 35 full-time students and 25 distant-mode students enroll each year to study this specialization. The Chair's graduates work all over Ukraine. They are mainly employed by the Hunting Resources Board of Ukraine's Forestry Ministry, the Ecological Security Ministry of Ukraine, and also by the Fishing Ministry of Ukraine.

The Chair's conducts active scientific and game management research in the following fields:

  1. Biomonitoring of mammals and their interaction with coastal steppe cenoses in the South of Ukraine.
  2. Standardization and evaluation of game species furriery.
  3. Management of hunting resources.
  4. Organization and management of fisheries.
  5. Development of control methods for game species populations by means of hunting.
  6. Sea and fresh-water fisheries.
  7. Management of hunting resources and ecological principles for quality improvement of hunting reservations and fisheries.
  8. Development and introduction of new management methods for game species populations and fresh-water fish.

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