Faculty of Physics


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Zhukovs`kogo Str. 66, 330600 Saporoshje, Ukraine.
Tel.: +380-612-642591, -2891246, -2891207.

Google Maps: Univ. Main Building 1

Doz. Dr. sc. mat. Alexej Efimovitsch Osipov, Tel.: 642591.

Dr. habil. sc. mat. Grigorij Pavlovitsch Brecharja, Tel. 644436.
Dr. habil. sc. ing. Lev Alexejevitsch Galkin, Tel. 699843.
Dr. habil. sc. ing. Valentin Ivanovitsch Psarjev, Tel. 642591.
Dr. habil. sc. phil. Alexander Vasiljevitsch Sergejev, Tel. 699836.


  • Werkstoffkunde, Head of Chair: Professor Grigorij Pavlovitsch Brecharja, Tel. 644436,
  • Hartstoffelektronik und Mikroelektronik, Head of Chair: Prof. Lev Alexejevitsch Galkin, Tel. 699843,
  • Physik und ihre Unterrichtsmethodik, Head of Chair: Prof. Alexander Vasiljevitsch Sergejev, Tel. 699836.

Laboratory for electronic microscopy.

Specialised fields:
Physics, Physics of Solid States.

Mechanics, Molecular Physics, Electrics and Magnetism, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Theoretical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Statistic Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Theory of Oscillations and Waves. They are taught to master computer technology, compiling programs in widely used computer languages, numerical methods and computer graphics, basis of automation and scientific experiments.

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