Postgraduate studies


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Zhukovs`kogo Str. 55a, 330600  Saporoshje, Ukraine 
Tel. +380-612-645737, 643126

Google Maps: Univ. Building 5

Doz. Dr. sc. phil. Vladimir Pavlovitsch Bech, Tel.: 645737.

An der Fakultät studieren Studenten, die schon eine akademische Ausbildung haben und noch eine zusätzliche Ausbildung anstreben. Das Studium dauert zwischen einem  bis zu dreieinhalb Jahren (abhängig von erster Ausbildung). Studienformen: Direktstudium, Fernstudium

Postgraduate courses

  • Calculating Mathematics
  • Mechanics of the Deformed Solid Body
  • Physics of Metals
  • Physics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics
  • Theoretical Basis of Computers and Cybernetics
  • Mathematical Modelling and Calculating Methods in Scientific Research
  • Botanics
  • Zoolog
  • Physiology of an Animal and a Human Bein
  • Ecology
  • Devices and Methods of Control and Protection of Environment, Materials and Good
  • Information Measuring System
  • History of Ukrain
  • World Histor
  • EconomicsMathematical Methods and Model
  • Social Philosophy and Philosophy of Histor
  • Ukrainian Literatur
  • Russian Literatur
  • German Language
  • Roman Language
  • Theory and History of State and La
  • Criminal Law and Criminality: CriminalExecutive La
  • Theory and History of Pedagogic
  • Methods of Teachin
  • Special Pedagogic
  • Theory and Methods of Physical Educatio
  • Immunology and Allergology
  • Social Psychology, Psychology of Personality

Doctorship in

  • Physics of Metals
  • Physics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics
  • History of Ukraine
  • Mathematical Modelling and Calculating
  • Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History
  • Theory and History of Pedagogics

The teaching at the University is carried out in Ukrainian and Russian, although some courses are available in English. For foreign students wishing to come to ZSU, we offer an intensive course of training in Russian and Ukrainian on an individual basis or in groups.

Four specialised Councils hear candidates defend their dissertations in Physics and Mathematics, History, Philology and Philosophy.

There are 10 scientific schools, where the researches on differential and integral equations of the mathematical models of natural science, precise methods of boundary problem solution on the theory of elasticity, plasticity for multilayer basis, discrete optimisation and its use, stability and fluctuation of heterogeneous mechanical systems, physical bases of purposeful changes of solid state properties, the animal and vegetable kingdom, recent History of Ukraine, socio-lingual situation, pedagogical basis of Valeology, Social Pedagogics are conducted under supervision of university scientists.

The most perspective directions of scientific research

Mathematical Modelling in Natural Sciences and Economics; Development of Analytical and Numerical Methods of Analysis of Complex Mechanical Systems on the Basis of Modern Computer Technologies with Solution of the Problem of Visualisation of Investigated Processes, Pedagogics and Psychology; History of Ukraine and Zaporozhye Cossacks; History of Vital Problems of Magnetism Physics, Amorphous State and Physics of Surface; Social Medieval Europe; Flora and Fauna: research, protection, rational use; Research on Biologically Active Combinations of Natural and Synthetic Origin; Problems of Education under New Social Conditions; SocialLegislative Defence; Strategic and Practical Management, humanisation of the society, historical heritage and problems of political system of Ukraine, Problems of Education and Methods of Teaching and Education.

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