Faculty for Health, Physical Education and Sport


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Leppika Str. 33, 330600 Saporoshje, Ukraine.
Tel.: +380-612-643014, 641329, 627154, 699881.

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Prof. Dr. sc. phil. Svetlana Stepanovna Volkova, Tel.: 643014.

Prof. Svetlana Stepanovna Volkova, Tel.: 643014.
Dr. habil. sc. phil. Nina Grigorjevna Bajkina, Tel.: 699881.

Valeologie, Head of Chair: Svetlana Stepanovna Volkova, Tel.: 643014,
Gymnastik, Head of Chair: Dr. sc. Galina Grigorjevna Krushilo, Tel.: 621754,
Sport und Sportspiele, Head of Chair: Prof. Nina Grigorjevna Bajkina, Tel.: 699881,
Theoretische Grundlagen der Körperkultur, Head of Chair: Doz. Dr. sc. nat. Tamara Makarovna Tschishenok, Tel.: 641329.

Specialised fields:
Physical Rehabilitation, Olympic and Professional Sport

Comprehensive Subjects, Methods of Using Gymnastics, Mobile and Sport Games, Track and Field, Tourism, Methods of Teaching Physically Handicapped, Panatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomechanics, School Hygiene, Ethnology, Pathogenesis, Clinics.


Achievements in international competition (1985-1998):

  • Champion of World University Games for Students.
  • Olympic Champion (Seoul, 1988; Barcelona, 1992).
  • Student Champion for various sports:
    Denis Silantjev: Champion in swimming (1997; (Perth, Australia, 1998),
    Igor Pilipenko: Champion in kick boxing (1997).
    Elena Shypina, Svetlana Serbina: Champion in high jumping (Perth, Australien, 1998).
    (Trainers: Graduates from the Faculty of Sport, Zaporozhje University).

World champion in swimming, Denis Silantjev.

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