Ghana Volta Region - Kings of the GBI Traditional Area

The following lists the Kings of the GBI Traditional Area, together with the town(s) over which they preside and also the approximate local population figures for 1992.

Togbega Gabutsu VI, GBI Paramount Chief, of Torkoni-Hohoe (16,000 people)
Togbe Kuttor VII of Ahado-Hohoe (16,000 people) (died 1995)
Togbe Dokpo II of Tsevi-Hohoe (14,000 people)
Togbe Gedze II of Trevi-Hohoe (10,000 people)
Togbe Buami VIII of Bla (14,000 people)
Togbe Worde IV of Kpeme (13,000 people)
Togbe Adzima of Abansi (10,000 people)
Togbe Adom Dake IX of Kpoeta (9,000 people)
Togbe Adzofuwusu IV of Atabu (10,000 people)
Togbe Deh of Kledzo (11,000 people)
Togbe Keh of Wegbe (14,000 people)
Togbe Osai of Godenu (7,000 people)
Togbui Ngoryifia Kofi Arthur Paes Dunenyo I,
King of Somey

King and Queen of Development for the GBI Traditional Area:

Togbe Ngoryifia Bansah &
Mama Nyuiemedi Ngoryisi Bansah

The GBI Traditional Area in the Hohoe district has a population of about 30,000 persons from the Ewe tribe.

Click here for a photo of King and Queen Bansah.

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