How to spell Zaporozhye


When you look for links to the town of Zaporozhye, Ukraine in search engines or directories such as AltaVista, don't forget that, due to the "translation" of the name from the Cyrillic alphabet, several different spellings are in use. So if you don't find what you are looking for under Zaporozhye, try Saporoshje (the German way of spelling the name) and also various other alternatives such as Zaporozhje, Zaporizhe, Zaporizhzhe, Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizzhe, Saporoschye, Zaporozhie, Zaporizhzhia, Saporoshje, Saporozhje, Saporizhya etc. To make it easier when you search, you can truncate the name, e.g. "zapor" or "sapor". Some search engines (but not AltaVista) then require an asterisk, e.g. "zapor*".

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