Ghana Volta Region - Development Projects in Hohoe District

Brief description of Hohoe District

Hohoe is a town of about 30,000 people and is situated about 100 km North of Ho, which is the capital of the Volta Region. The Volta Region lies at the extreme East of Ghana and borders with Togo. The main tribe in Hohoe District is the Ewe. The Ewe also live across the border in Togo.

Hohoe is the second biggest town in the Volta Region. The region is tropical and there is a fair bit of rain forest. The Hohoe District is fairly hilly and the climate is wetter than in other parts of Ghana, with heavy rain at times. Small-scale agriculture is widely practised - many of the people in the region live and work in rural areas.

GBI Traditional Area

The GBI Traditional Area in the Hohoe district has a population of about 30,000 persons from the Ewe tribe.

Click here for a list of the Kings of the GBI Traditional Area.

Current Major Sponsored Projects in Hohoe District

School Project in Hohoe : A school of computing has been built in Hohoe to teach commercial, typing and word-processing skills. At present the school only possess 10 PC computers but we are hoping for help to buy some more soon. The school has been operating since 1996 and was made possible by donations of funds and materials from Germany.

Bridge over the River Dayi: A new bridge was constructed over the River Dayi in 1996 to replace the former, dangerous construction. The bridge was made possible by donations of funds from Germany.

Kindergarten in Hohoe: A child day care center has been built in Hohoe for about 20-30 children. Construction was organized by the Ghana Womans Association "31st. December", which is headed by Mrs. Rawlings, the First Lady of Ghana. Up to now, the child day care center, which opened in November 1996, has mainly been financed by Queen Gabriele Bansah from her own private funds. Click here for a photo of the opening of the child day care center in Hohoe.

Vocational school and workshops for semi-skilled trades: The Hohoe/Ghana Sponsors Association and Queen Bansah are helping to set up a vocational school in Hohoe to help young people to learn a new trade. The Sponsors Association has provided funds and organizational skills and also a large number of tools and materials. Other major donors in this project are the GTZ (the German Agency for Technical Cooperation) and the official District Management of Hohoe.

Electronic mail computer: Installation of a computer host for electronic mail and internet, which is needed for project coordination and other communication requirements. This work is being organized by David Long.


We are particularly interested in talking to potential new sponsors and/or donors for the school project, the kindergarten and for other projects. Donations should be sent to the bank account of the Hohoe/Ghana Sponsors Association - a registered charity in Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany):

Volksbank Schwaebisch Gmuend
Ledergasse 27, 73525 Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
BLZ (Bank sort code) 61390140
Bank account: 135788404 Account holder: Foerderverein Hohoe/Ghana

Please specify which project you want to support and also whether you need an official receipt from a registered charity for tax purposes.

Current sponsors

Click here for a list of our main project sponsors so far.

Click here to get a list of the kind of things that we need most for our projects, in addition to donations.

Click here for a photo of King and Queen Bansah .

Please contact Queen Bansah or Peter Thalhofer of the Hohoe/Ghana Sponsors Association if you would like to visit the Volta Region in Ghana as a young volunteer. You should also contact Queen Bansah if you are interested in business or trade opportunities in Ghana.

We are also most willing to supply information on Ghana to youth and other organizations who would like to learn about our country.

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